Tuesday, 23 July 2013

We have moved to Wordpress

This Blogger blog has ended and instead you should read all about Blackwell's bookshop Manchester on Wordpress.

This blog just ended up being a channel to bang on about events, and that was never the intention.

Our Wordpress blog should ensure more diverse content, including postings directly from our shop floor, putting you into the heart of the bookseller action like never before! (Assuming you'd appreciate 1,000 Vines of booksellers stickering and destickering books...)

See you over there!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Modern Family book launch with Socrates Adams

Join us on July 25th to launch Socrates Adams' new novel A Modern Family.

You may remember our last launch with him. Remember? We packed the shop to the rafters and we all had a lovely time.

A Modern Family follows the life of a popular car show presenter who has the perfect job but doesn't have the perfect family. Author Jenn Ashworth says A Modern Family "is filled with wry observation, ruthless satire and, underneath it all, a real warmth. It is scathing, truthful and hilariously, painfully funny." The book is being released on the brilliant Blue Moose Books.

Our launch takes place in the shop at 6.30pm on Thursday July 25th, and it is absolutely free to attend. We'll even put on refreshments, courtesy of Blue Moose.

The Facebook event page is here.

See you on the 25th.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

This @PenguinUKbooks @RandomHouseUK logo needs a caption

So publishers Penguin and Random House have merged. Fifty Shades meets Roald Dahl. Dan Brown meets Peter Rabbit.

Their new logo is simply their old logos side-by-side (see above).

For those with a bit of imagination, the new logo looks too odd not to be commented on. It demands a picture caption.

Comment below with a comedy caption for their logo. Or tweet us. We'll include your submissions on this blog.