Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Apparently, there's this new thing called blogging and it's all the rage with the kids.

We'd been thinking about running a newsletter for a while, but it has been near impossible to pull off. That's because we're busy selling books to you, dear reader, or at the very least using all of our energy to look sneeringly upon your purchase before telling you to buy Pan by Knut Hamsun instead.

We thought we would try a blog instead. It's the 'in' thing. It's what Lady Gaga would have wanted.

Stay tuned. We promise not to be too wordsmithery or Lynn Truss-y. In the words of Hector from The History Boys:

"I would hate to turn out boys who, in later life, would claim to have a love of 'litretchure', or speak of the lure of 'language', and their love of 'woords'. 'Words' said in a way that's somehow... Welsh."

We love the Welsh. Some of our best friends are probably Welsh. Happy reading.

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