Friday, 8 April 2011


Lots of people on Twitter have been coming up with 'hungry writers' puns. Here is a selection of our booksellers' contributions. With analysis from our blog editor.

Aldous Pizza Hutsly  ¦  Bill Fryupson  ¦  Caramac McCarthy  ¦  Charles Bukowskeema nan  ¦  Chow Lin  ¦  Cormac McFlurry-Carthy  ¦  David Bell-pepper-bin  ¦  David Foster Wall's Ice Cream 2 Litre Tub  ¦  Donna lemon Tartt  ¦  Donner meat DeLillo  ¦  fruit Flan O'Brien...

Editor's note: there's a significant takeaway feel to the tweets so far, with mentions of keema nan, donner meat and McFlurries. This says much about the diet of the average bookseller

...Gordon Lish 'n' chips  ¦  Graham Greene bean salad  ¦  Ham and cheese Roal-d Dahl  ¦  Harper Leek  ¦  Haruki MuraCaramac ¦  Henning Mankelloggs  ¦  Iain M&Ms Banks  ¦  Ian McEwanton Soup  ¦  Irvinetomatoes Welsh  ¦  Jeff after-Noon snack...

Editor's note: This is better. We have at least one of our five-a-day in there, although I can't imagine Automated Alice having time for an afternoon snack, not where she's been.

...Jenn Ashworthers Originals  ¦  John Grisham sandwich  ¦  Jonathan Branzen  ¦  Jonathan Saffron Foercheese pizza  ¦  Joyce Carol Oats  ¦  Knut Roast Hamsun  ¦  Marcel Boost ¦  Martin Amiso soup  ¦  Mary Shellfishey  ¦  Neil Gamepieman  ¦  Nikesh Shuklarge fries ¦  Oliver Jeffers-Cake...

Editor's note: Now we're getting clever. We have a spice and a pizza in one author, plus nut roast and roast ham in in another. Incidentally, Mr Hamsun is Norway's premier post-modern 19th century author (no, really) and would not have known the joy of the Jaffa Cake.

...Paul Auster-fry  ¦  Paul Oatser  ¦  Philip K(ebab) Dick  ¦  Philip KFC Dick  ¦  Philip Poultryman  ¦  Pilchard Brautigan  ¦  Ray Branbury  ¦  Raymond Carvery  ¦  Roald Lentil Dahl  ¦  Salmon Rushdie  ¦  Soup Townsend  ¦  Spam Stoker  ¦  Stephen King-size Mars bar  ¦  Truman Capotatoete  ¦  William Giblets-son  ¦  William S(campi) Burroughs  ¦  Yukio Bangers-N-Mashima

Editor's note: If you have spent any time sharing a staffroom with booksellers, you'll know our predilection for many of the foodstuffs listed here: pilchards, salmon, giblets... Philip K Dick gets two bites of the tweet here: an honour of which his androids could only dream. What have we learnt from this? Is literature richer as a result? Does anyone really know what the M in Iain M Banks stands for? We may never know.

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