Wednesday, 11 January 2012


The turkey's mouldy and Santa's bloated corpse is buried with the Christmas tree under the patio. And yet, we all remember Christmas 2011 with fond memories, don’t we? No?

Apparently, retail had a stonking Christmas rush, so it’s time for us to take stock of our seasonal sales. How did we do? What did we sell? Here are our genuine best-sellers from the beginning of December until Christmas eve 2011.

This is what people buy in an academic bookshop for Christmas presents. It looks like there was no shortage of Chrimbo spirit…

1. Blackstone's Statutes on Property Law 

Blackstone's have a reputation for accuracy, reliability, and authority, just like Santa on his Christmas run. This shows you what to do when you have a fat man dressed in red & white on your property.

2. Blackstone's EU Treaties and Legislation 

Do Europeans know it's Christmas time? Find out in this fascinating stocking filler. Ideal for your racist granddad.

3. Law Express: Contract Law 

A revision guide which will come in useful when you get to the end of January and realise you can't pay your mortgage.

4. Pezzino's Business Economics 

You know that bit before when I said retailers did well over Christmas? We're still going to be living in the gutters and eating gruel in the long term. This book explains how.

5. Financial Statement Analysis 

You spend HOW MUCH on socks for Uncle Keith?! / This says you spend £400 at Jigsaw and you told me you were only going for a coffee in the Triangle shopping centre. / Those premium calls on the phone bill - that's not a Lapland number, is it? / etc etc

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