Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Make some, er, noisy for a bookstore in Boise*

We love this idea of a little table-and-chair display outside a bookshop (inset), complete with books to browse.

This is Trip Taylor Bookseller in Boise, Idaho. Inside they have used books, open mic poetry nights, a chessboard and a poodle called Apollo.

Alas, the outside display is not something we could get away with on Oxford Road. But we still have chairs to enjoy the sun outside our cafe.

Trip Taylor, we salute you.

* we were hoping 'Boise' rhymed with 'noise', but it's pronounced like Boysie from Only Fools And Horses.. and even then, it's weak rhyme with 'noisy'. BLOGGING'S DIFFICULT, YOU KNOW

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