Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Be careful what you wish for on Twitter.

Last week, we sarcastically tweeted: "Strange. With all the Take That fans in town, the expected surge in Dostoevsky sales seems not to have happened."

In response, tweeter Mister Cinnamon declared an interest in reading Dostoevsky *and* going to Take That. Our counterparts in Oxford then wondered if Mister Cinnamon had read Dostoevsky *at* a Take That concert.

This seemed to be a step too far for the cinnamonned one. And so, not to be outdone, your friendly independent bookseller Blackwell Manchester took up the challenge.

Blog chums, this is especially for you. Here is a picture taken on Saturday night by our artistically confused deputy manager.

Take That. Dostoevsky. Job done.

Small print: We realise this is not proof of the book being actually read at the concert, although about a third of Notes From The Underground was read, trust us!

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