Friday, 3 June 2011


We have an impressive range of cycling books in stock. Now summer has arrived, it's time to tell you about books you can read with the wind in your hair and an elastic band around your corduroys.

This list is a small selection of what we on display on our ground floor. If you want any of them reserved, give us a bell on 0161 274 3331.

Please do not read and cycle at the same time. You'll look silly.

Chris Sidwell's Bike Repair Manual

Keep your steed in peak condition. By 'steed', I obviously mean 'bicycle'. This is full of jargon-free advice that will help you maintain your bike. Includes new maintenance techniques for disc brakes and hints and tips for mountain-bike suspension. And it's pocket-sized.

Flann O'Brien's The Third Policeman

A comic thriller regarding an unrequited love affair between a man and his bicycle. A true allegory of the absurd. Distinguished by endless comic invention and its delicate balancing of logic and fantasy.
Jerome K Jerome's Three Men On The Bummel

This is a journey as picaresque as Three Men In A Boat,  constrained only "by the necessity of getting back within a given time to the point from which one started". I'm not sure what a 'bummel' is. I didn't like to ask.
Eben Weiss' Bike Snob

Hipsters. You've seen them in the northern quarter, right? Blogger BikeSnobNYC looks at cycling's bizarre range of practitioners. The must-have bible to the mysterious world of cycling.

Michael Embacher's Cyclepedia

A celebration of the best bicycles designed over the past 90 years. Not just the Tour de France, but also high-tech machines, ice bikes, collectors' rarities, and bikes that only exist in the future. Maybe not that last one. A great gift.

Tommy Simpson's Cycling Is My Life

Tommy was the first Briton to pull on the fabled yellow jersey of the Tour de France. This is his autobiography, written the year before he died aged just 29. He was one of the first cyclists to admit to using banned drugs, y'know. Fascinating chappie.

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