Thursday, 21 March 2013

A catchy little collection: @GIANTmicrobes plush toys

We've been feeling a bit peaky here at Blackwell's, and we've just worked out why.

In our medical department on the first floor, if you're lucky you could catch cholera, malaria, swine flu, the common cold and the clap. The ailments come courtesy of our uber-cute Giant Microbes, plush toys that look surprisingly similar to their microscopic counterparts. Well. As similar as a 7" cuddly toy can look...

Pictured above left is chickenpox, which isn't in stock yet but paid a visit to its mates on our first floor yesterday.

Next to that is chickenpox hanging out with its friends, all of whom are in stock and are waiting for you to buy them. Clockwise from top right:
- a brain cell that's just graduated;
- chickenpox;
- bird flu;
- gangrene;
- salmonella (which, in a certain light, looks like Phil Oakey from The Human League);
- MRSA complete with superbug cape.

They're ideal companions to any diseases textbook, and are even available in petri dishes! Pictures by Vicki, our medical buyer.

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