Monday, 4 July 2011


Here are the answers to the authors quiz we posted on Friday. It was an absolute stinker, but we make no apologies because it makes us look way more intelligent than wot we is.

If you want to have a go at the quiz before you read the answers, try not to look at the text below and click here instead.

1. Any nonce forlorn 1926-1964 = Flannery O'Connor

2. Clinical Jokes 1937- = Jackie Collins

3. Dice hell 1954- = Lee Child

Fascinating fact: In his latest novel Worth Dying For, the villains are from dice-capital of the world, Las Vegas. The book is not worth dying for.

4. Erratic, shady 1926-1992 = Richard Yates

5. Gulp dairy drink 1865-1936 = Rudyard Kipling

Fascinating fact: Rudyard Kipling mentions milk in at least two stories and three poems.

6. Lavishly apt 1932-1963 = Sylvia Plath

7. Macabre lust 1913-1960 = Albert Camus

8. Nøse job 1960- = Jo Nesbø

Fascinating fact: Jo Nesbo has not had a nose job as far as we know, but a plastic surgeon does turn up in his 2010 novel The Snowman.

9. Oh bum, hairball 1914-1997 = Bohumil Hrabal

Fascinating fact: Hrabal owned many cats.

10. Virile pom 1919-1987 = Primo Levi

Fascinating fact: In his 2003 biography, Ian Thomson suggests Levi took up mountaineering to express his virility.

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