Monday, 11 July 2011


A surprise best-seller last week was Dawn French's A Tiny Bit Marvellous.

Well. It wasn't much of a surprise. The book, now out in paperback, is shifting bucketloads nationally and was the biggest-selling debut novel in hardback last year.

But we like to think of ourselves as more academic than novels written by celebrity comedians. No offence, Dawn. You are a million steps higher than M*ch**l Mc*nt*re, but rather than your book being about an ageing mum trying to understand her kids, we'd quite like a book about:

- the psychological interactions between the lead characters in the Comic Strip film Five Go Mad in Dorset;

- Strategic brand management of the chocolate orange, tying in with the ongoing ownership dispute between her and Terry;

- A debate on the intellectual property ramifications of her impressions of Madonna, Hannibal Lecter and members of the Spice Girls;

- The theology of the Vicar Of Dibley and its place in the historical story of rural Britain;

- An analysis of the media, in particular the story of a young musician who enters a TV talent contest but falls for the wrong man and risks losing her friendsh-- oh wait, that's the plot of Katie Price's Crystal. Sorry.

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