Monday, 25 July 2011


Keanu Reeves' Ode To Happiness starts with him pouring a "sorrow bath".

This collector's item (it's pricey but very, very nice) has just arrived in stock. It's a strange, sad tale in a children's style, but aimed at adults.

The best way to describe it is from online reviews, which have been generally positive:

"I saw this book and instantly had to have it because of how many Sad Keanu cut outs I've put around the office."

"Whenever I start to feel self pity I pull it out and go through the 20 pages."

"I'm going to become friends with Keanu, write a book for him and make millions off his Fans. That would be Excellent..Pun intended."

"He is iconic, ineffable & magical."

"Not a big fan of the artwork although it did remind me of the Chinese paintings that are done in black ink."

"Very disapointed, Keanu wasnt as deep as I thought.."

So there you have it. Keanu Reeves' Ode To Happiness. Not as deep as you thought. We stock it. Come get it before it sells out.

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