Friday, 1 July 2011


Something for your weekend.

Here are ten anagrams of the names of people that fall under the catagory of '20th century authors', although quite a few are still churning out the books and the one marked with a * published a major work near the end of the 19th century.

As a hint, the dates indicate their birth and, if relevant, their death dates. It's a mix of high and low brow. All authors are first name / last name: none of those fancy people that are known by initials.

Answers? On the blog on Monday [edit: click here for the answers], so you have all weekend to figure it out. Happy muddling!

1. Any nonce forlorn 1926-1964

2. Clinical jokes 1937-

3. Dice hell 1954-

4. Erratic, shady 1926-1992

5. Gulp dairy drink 1865-1936 *

6. Lavishly apt 1932-1963

7. Macabre lust 1913-1960

8. Nøse job 1960-

9. Oh bum, hairball 1914-1997

10. Virile pom 1919-1987 (that's an m, not an r-n, you pervs)


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